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Semiconductor Process:


GaAs wafer process (2-6")

InP wafer process (2-4")

Ge wafer process (2-4")

Sapphire LED wafer process (2-4")


Semiconductor Process Consumables:


GaAs wafer polish slurry

InP wafer polish slurry

Ge wafer polish slurry

Colloidal silica (20,30,50-70 um)

Acid colloidal silica

Suspension plus SS-C22SN

Pad cleaning plus AOS-336

SiC cleaning AOS-404

Sapphire cleaning AOS-603

Diamond lapping powder

Aluminum oxide lapping powder

Silicon carbide lapping powder

PU rough polishing pad

PU final polishing pad

Carrier (stainless steel, fiberglass epoxy)


Beeswax for temporary mounting of optics, semiconductors & ceramics

Lap-less diamond band saw for slicing silicon, glass, granite rock & marble


Optical glass & device process consumables


Cerium oxide powder

Optical cold-working glue

* Polish glue (pitch & colophony)

* Sphere adhesive

* Plane adhesive

* Edge polish glue

Cold-working glass protective coating (mould proof agent)

* Acrylic acid style

* Shellac varnish style

Optical instrument mould proof agent

Lubricating grease for optical instrument

* Lithium grease

* Hydroxyl grease

* Ocular grease

* Dust-proof grease

* Slide bearing oil for precision instrument

* Anti-rust grease for accessories of metric instrument

Dulling agent for optical lens edge stray light

Protective coating for precise cutting of optical spare parts

Polarizing filter

* H style

* IR style

* 1/4 wave style

Optical resin adhesive (fir glue)

Polishing pitch

Long fiber absorbent cotton

Special grade colophony



* Diamond roll

* Resin roll

* PUS roll (polyurethane rubber roll), instead of 10S, BK, 9R polish roll

* AD roll, instead of BD, BK roll

* Felt roll

* PU polish roll (contain 30% polishing powder)

* Polishing pad


Chemical products: fine chemicals


Lithium cryolite (Cryolithionite) CAS No. 13821-20-0

Sebacic acid

Stearic acid



Dimethyl sebacate

Glyceryl triacefate

Tetramethylamimonium hydroxide (10%)


Chemical products: Amino acid




L-Glutamic acid

L-Glutamic acid HCl

L-Aspartic acid

DL-Aspartic acid




Polymer products


Industrial stretch films

Air bubble double layer films

PE stretch film for food packing

PE tubing

PVC tubing

PU tubing

Silicone rubber tubing




Folding micromembrane filter

Polyfone cartridge

Polyflo cartridge

Nylapure cartridge


Pharmaceutical intermediates


Phenylhydrazine-4-sulfonic acid

4-Methyoxylphenyl hydrazine hydrochloride

4-Nitrophenyl hydrazine hydrochloride

4-Bromo phenyl hydrazine hydrochloride

4-Sulfonamide-phenylhydrazine hydrochloride

4-Fluor phenyl hydrazine hydrochloride

2-Methoxylphenyl hydrazine hydrochloride

2-Nitrophenyl hydrazine hydrochloride

O-Fluor phenyl hydrazine hydrochloride

P-Methyl phenyl hydrazine hydrochloride

O-Chlorophenyl hydrazine hydrochloride

3-Nitrophenyl hydrazine hydrochloride

Iso-chlorophenyl hydrazine hydrochloride


2,4,5-Trichlorophenyl sulfonic acid


Ethylbenzylaniline sulfonic acid

3-Aminonaphthalene-8-hydroxy-4.6-disulfonic acid

Naphthalene-1.5-dissulfonic acid sodium

Wool whitener WG

2-Aminonaphthalene-5.7-disulfonic acid

Naphthalene-2.7-disulfonic acid

Naphthalene-2.6-disulfonic acid

Naphthalene-1.3.5-trisulfonic acid